Friday, June 22, 2012

Delaware Art Museum

.June 14th 2012,
Visited Delaware Art Museum, what a great collection!
Took some shots of some of my favorites, they allow pictures with no flash.
Unfortunately my time was constricted out of respect for the tour and docent, and with battery low I did not get the names and titles for most of these works, so you need to go for yourself!
 This painting is a segment from the story of Tobit from the Apocrypha. The blind Tobit, a captive in Nineveh, sends his son Tobias to collect a debt in Media. Tobias marries the seven times widowed virgin, and by fish gall dispatches the demon who had killed her husbands.Tobias(the male figure holding the fish) collects the debt, returns by way of an angel(sexually ambiguous figure in back), and the father's sight is restored. Tobias left Nineveh before it was destroyed. I just thought it was such an interesting painting depicting this blind man, and something about it gets you in the gut.
 Beautiful warm landscape especially the tree.

 Awesome painting, the greyhound really makes it interesting.

 The soldiers, details, explosions and over-all composition are amazing in this painting.

I think I have a favorite stain-glass piece now.

Took this because I love this guy's face.

 One of the baddest Andrew Wyeth paintings! (Baddest in a good way)(awesome)

Edward Hopper- Summertime, 1943
Oil on Canvas.
The docent said his wife was- I think it was near 70 at the time but Edward would tend to paint her more like she had never aged sense when they had met.

Some glass work close-ups of Dale Chihuly

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