Monday, September 3, 2012

Painting progression video of “American Bulldog”.

Made video in Adobe After Effects.
Painting Started July 13th 2012, Finished August 17th 2012.

Complete process revealed.

Here it is,
"American Bulldog"

American Bulldog
Oil on top of sealed Acrylic on Panel

Of keith and Mouse

I drew this portrait on Photoshop of Keith Madison today with only a mouse in exactly an hour. He sat for me but kept falling asleep. It is way harder with just a mouse and not a tablet (which comes pretty close to natural drawing), but wanted to try it out and see what i could do provided. I am pleased enough considering the limitations.

Tablet Self-portrait

                     On July 3rd Keith Brought me a mirror after I was done teaching my Summer session drawing 1 class, and told me to try a self-portrait with a Wacom tablet in one of the CCBC Mac labs
All-in-all it took me about an hour and forty minutes and I am pretty pleased with the results. Yes I look a little cave-man like with that heavy brow, but I can’t help my face. I am definitely wanting to start playing/working with tablets more!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Move into Towson Studio!

July 13th 2012
I moved into my new Towson University Graduate Studio and began a piece!

This fall will be my first semester as a Grad student at Towson.


This last 2012 Spring semester I dropped in on Will Niebauers print class and made a dry-point intaglio print in an hour and a half to aid his demonstration of the printing process. Its made by scratching into the plate with a sharp needle or in this case- on plexiglass, but because the material is less durable than metal plates, it does not retain the image for many prints.  The scratching raises a burr that catches and holds the ink in the recessions of the scratch when the plate is wiped, yielding a rich, rough line with soft edges.

In this print I decided to take a memory out of my earlier childhood and just scratched it in straight from my mind (had a serious time limit to make it for the class demonstration) and couldn't be happier with the results.
The image may seem disturbing, but it's a little funny, just because it kind-of shows how carried away I would get with my imagination. So this particular day i went out to play cowboys all dressed up but none of the neighborhood kids could come and play. So I decided i wouldn't let it stop me and so I continued to play cowboy by myself. Seeing how I was by myself, i had to play both sides, so when it came time to hang the towns outlaw- I climbed on-top of the monkey bars tied up my toy lasso (now a noose) and got down, then climbed over on the monkey bars to play the roll of the outlaw. I got my head in the loop, but when I tried to get it back out- I couldn't. So eventually my hands lost their grip and I hung for a bit, luckily the rope had a Velcro contraption that allowed the rope's lasso to release after some struggle. I fell to the ground, and was left with a giant rope burn around my neck. Had to hold my chin up for a couple days because it hurt.

So here are the three prints that resulted.

Wheat/paper paste Graffiti in Baltimore

Don't know who it is, but some pretty cool wheat pastes have been going up around my neighborhood!

Real Nice!