Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artist Statement

As for most artists, the idea of creating something unique has intrigued me from a young age. In 2010 I earned a BFA degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Painting. Throughout that experience, my mind was opened to a new seriousness and appreciation for the art world, which sharpened my focus as I established my own involvement within it. Since graduating I have continued to develop my work, discovering new “pieces of the puzzle” and ways to express my vision. The experience of watching and working alongside other artists has been both exciting and inspiring for me. In addition to working as an artist, I have been teaching at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) for the last two years, and enjoy being surrounded by the positive and creative energy and ideas expressed by my students.

My paintings and drawings are figurative, ranging from representational to abstract. My work looks into a narrative realm that is heavily based on folklore, ancient stories as well an observation of general religious impact. The paintings reveal a lot of myself as they incorporate personal and family history, self-identification, and expressions of the endless whirl of thoughts and concerns that constantly occupy my mind. Other personal narratives and characteristics including generations of family military involvement surface in many of my paintings. This unique blend of subject matter places it into the 21st century resulting in very social and cultural narratives relevant to the present day, engaging a specific conversation for each individual viewer.

The work presents a mysterious narrative with purposeful ambiguity that, upon further inspection, opens up a number of other coinciding messages and possibilities. Though the over-all theme woven throughout the work may seem broad, obvious connections emerge visually in the renderings. With each individual piece I tackle and address more specific inner conflicts and identities.

I work using a variety of processes including painting, sculpture, drawing, digital prints and collage. I enjoy the challenge and opportunity of experimenting with new and different means of creating. Collage allows me to recycle images and clippings, pulling pieces of the already existing world into my own personal realm, re-purposing them through the filter of my mind. I layer work with meanings and messages as the process is layered. It begins with a variety of mediums which could include collage, watercolor, pen work, pastels, and marker. Acrylic paint is then applied on top (except when begining with just acrylic), sealed with clear gesso and resolved in oil.

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